If the alarm goes off in your home or business, the response must be instantaneous, Precise, Professional, and 100% reliable.  As the most technologically advanced electronic security monitoring center in the world, staffed by the most rigorously trained people in the industry, we serve your security needs with unparalleled speed, accuracy and dependability.  With Rapid Response Monitoring's team, you can feel incredibly secure.

When your alarm is triggered, our advanced computer system alerts our operators to the nature of the emergency (burglary, fire, medical, etc).  They will pinpoint the location, identify your response plan and initiate emergency instructions.  If your instructions call for it, the operator will immediately call you for the password that signifies an emergency.  Emergency personnel will be dispatched if an incorrect passcode is given or if there is no answer.  Every event detail and phone conversation is time-stamped and archived for instant review. 

When you're having an emergency and require immediate response, there's no margin for error; no excuse for a system failure or signal interruption.  At Rapid Response Monitoring we're positioned for protection 24/7, 365 days a year.  Our multi-level security, mission-critical reliability of our communication switch, computer system and power systems assure it.  Even our backup systems are backed-up for exceptional performance and dependability including the triple telecom backup. In short, every potential system occurence is solved so we can respond to the only emergency that counts, Yours.